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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

transparent iframes

For month's I've been going crazy trying to figure out transparent iframes. I want my webtools plugins on Urban Dynamics to easily integrate into someone else's page without ugly white backgrounds. I thought I fixed it by adding background-color: transparent in the css code on the pages I was trying to embed, but doof doof me tested the plugin on pages with white backgrounds so of course it looked like the transparency was working. Today I actually decided to include one plugin on this blog, The Featured Black Blog Image Thumbnail on the right (I figured I made the tool I might as well use it). After cut and pasting the code into my blogger template I saw the dreaded white background border that I thought I got rid of, so of course I thought Google to the rescue! Typed in "Transparcent Iframes" and finally I got a breakthrough!!

In the iframe tag include the html code: allowTransparency="true". Just a few simple words and life is now grand again. :)

Great Resource Guide:


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