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Friday, July 29, 2005

New State of Mind

Thanks to BlogFresh I have a new perspective the structure of "Black Bloggin" and blogging in general. I have multiple areas of interest, and for a second there, I wanted to create a blog per interest, but that's just crazy! In addition to 101 blogs, I would need 101 blogrolls, pings, technorati updates and the list goes on! Not to mention the fact that I change my focus like I change my underwear. The probability of me having a bunch of blogs with no real content was very high until I thought what if, I could use categories in ONE BLOG! A revolutionary revalation that was quickly shot by the realization that blogger does not utilize a category structure for your posts. Fortunately where there is a Need there is a Hack, so I googled my way onto BlogFresh, a useful blog that not ONLY OPENENED BY EYES TO USING CATEGORIES IN BLOGGER, it opened up a whole new world of blog utilities! Not to mention a new direction for Black Bloggin. At first, I just wanted this community to be about African American Blogs and webrings, but now I'm thinking why think small. I'm filling this baby up with all I got.

Here goes...

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