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Friday, July 29, 2005

Site for Sore Eyes

I'm trying to develop a layout for this site that works for me. I came across this template, which was really cool, but not completely what I was looking for. The clarity and brightness of it drew me in, unfortunately my busy fingers went to work on the template and busied it up. I like it, but it's too heavy on my eyes and it's only been up for 2 days! *Sigh* I need help.


The Googilizer

FreshBlog Post

A WelshView points to the Googlizer, a tool to let you "find out how many of your pages are indexed in Google and Yahoo! Also finds out how many backlinks are in Google." All good stuff.

Button Maker

Thank God For FreshBlog: There is a quick and easy button maker designed by Adam Kalsey. I made this one in like 3 mins. I think I like it. I'll add it to the site shortly.

New State of Mind

Thanks to BlogFresh I have a new perspective the structure of "Black Bloggin" and blogging in general. I have multiple areas of interest, and for a second there, I wanted to create a blog per interest, but that's just crazy! In addition to 101 blogs, I would need 101 blogrolls, pings, technorati updates and the list goes on! Not to mention the fact that I change my focus like I change my underwear. The probability of me having a bunch of blogs with no real content was very high until I thought what if, I could use categories in ONE BLOG! A revolutionary revalation that was quickly shot by the realization that blogger does not utilize a category structure for your posts. Fortunately where there is a Need there is a Hack, so I googled my way onto BlogFresh, a useful blog that not ONLY OPENENED BY EYES TO USING CATEGORIES IN BLOGGER, it opened up a whole new world of blog utilities! Not to mention a new direction for Black Bloggin. At first, I just wanted this community to be about African American Blogs and webrings, but now I'm thinking why think small. I'm filling this baby up with all I got.

Here goes...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Blog Roll Call > My Blog is > Maybe It's Me?

African American Web Blog Communities featured on

AngryBlack Chick

Are you an "Angry Black Woman(tm)" and need a place to let out all your frustration?

Wierdos of Color

Is where you will find the most far out, eccentric, strangest brothers and sisters on this side of the planet!

For Us By Us This is a community for African-Americans (A-A) to discuss culturally-related issues. While the emphasis is on the A-A experience, persons of other origins are also welcome to post their views and experiences as long as they're thread-relevant.

Black Hair Etc.
There a lot of hair communities on LJ, but only a few devoted black hair and of those few, the main focus is on natural styles (dreadlocks, twists, etc.), but none for relaxed /straight styles. Hopefully this will become a resource for ethnic hair care with lots of links, discussion and the exchange of different ideas.

  • Wierdos of Color: Is where you will find the most far out, eccentric, strangest brothers and sisters on this side of the planet!
  • For Us By Us : This is a community for African-Americans (A-A) to discuss culturally-related issues. While the emphasis is on the A-A experience, persons of other origins are also welcome to post their views and experiences as long as they're thread-relevant.
  • Colors of Eating Disorders: This community is for black women and
    all women of color with eating disorders.
  • Educate Me: This community is an open community designed for those who attend or are interested in an historically black college or university. We are here to talk about anything relating to HBCUs including costs, attendance, homecoming etc. Feel free to discuss any friendly rivals between schools, but remember, keep it friendly. And have fun. Although this is a community for HBCUs, it is open to anyone of any race.
  • African Americans Like Jrock 2: Do you know how rare it is to find African Americans that like jrock/jpop/Asian Music in general? Let alone what it is?? Here is a community for those who do.
  • BlackErotic: This is the community for the Afro-American Author. We are not known for our sensuality or being erotic whether it's on paper or on the big screen. Here you can express sexuality, erotisism, touching, feeling, wetness, etc.
  • Soul Life Style: Eat and Live Right Brothers and Sisters! This site is for Brothers and Sisters of African Descent to come together and work on improving our physical self through diet and exercise.
  • Black Photology: The purpose of this community is to share photos and have fun. There lots of photo communities and sites out there, but it's rare to find one with black folks at interest.
  • Bohemian Soul: A community to talk about artist such as India Arie, N'Dea Davenport,ImaniCoppola, Grenique, Kim Hill, Dionne Farris, Amel Larriuex,Bilal,Jill Scott,
    Musiq, Michellr Ndegeochello, Cherokee, Res, Floetry plus many more!
  • Black Folks: This is a community for black folks and their friends.
  • Black Girl Crisis
  • For Black Girls Who Like To Rock
  • Black Lesbians & Women Who Love Them
  • Oreos: The Label vrs. The Reality Are you Black, but not "down"? Are you used to being accused of "trying to be white?" Have you looked around the LiveJournal (or done a web search or two) to find others like you who don't fit the mold and had trouble doing so
  • Sistah Gurl: Soul Food
    A community for the fans of Soul Food, the showtime series. Talk about your favorite episodes, characters, actors, and up coming shows.
  • In The Mix: This is a place for people who are bored with rating communities that are geared towards one kind of look, whatever it may be. The idea here is to have a community where people of all different races and mixes can indulge in their own unique flair, and show off their dissimilarity for once. Granted, all races are allowed in most communities, but there is a focus on diversity here. With that said, let's mix this sh*t up.
  • Color Me strange:A group for strange people of color who follow a different beat than the norm !

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Black Bloggin Tool Box

  1. Web Ring Links
  2. Resource Guide
  3. Web Tools and Sticky Content
  4. Submit your blog and blog thumbnail image to the black blogs category in Urban Dynamics African American search directory.
  5. Add The Black Bloggin Site Box to your Blog (coming soon)
  6. If you write article, post them on Pass It On.
  7. Black Online Entrepreneurs
  8. Sista_web: Urban Web Tools and Tutorials

Black Bloggin' Resource Guide:

Where to go to find the tools you need.

Marketing & Promotion
  1. Blogads
  2. Blogrolling
  3. Urban Marketing Tools
  4. Technorati (great for self-promotion and blog searching)
  5. Feedster (similar to Technorati):
  6. WholinkstoMe
  7. Pass It On: African American Article Exchange Community

Blog Templates

  1. Coming Soon
HTML Layout & Tools

  1. Urban Web Tool Directory
  2. Sista_web: Urban Web Resources and Tutorials

Graphics Design
  1. Good Tutorials: Adobe Photoshop help

Scripts and Coding (java, php, msql, perl, css)

  1. Hotscripts

Sticky Content

  1. Ticker Factory
  2. Urban Dynamics Web Tools and Sticky Content
  3. Free
  4. The Library of Urban RSS Feeds

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Blogger Activities

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  2. Istockphoto: Royalty Free Images
  3. GettyImages
  4. Sarahscans: celebrity pictures

This post will be updated frequently so stay posted.

Webrings For Black Bloggers:
Here are a few online communities for African Americans to share and promote their blogs.

  1. Black Bloggers Association
  2. Urban Blog Directory
  3. Black/African American Blogs at
  4. Black Women Blogging
  5. Black Blogz Webring
  6. SistaTalk Black Blog Directory

This post will be updated frequently so stay posted.

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